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Monzani & Co., Flute, 1822-1833, London


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A lovely Monzani cocuswood flute eight block-mounted silver keys and wide silver ferrules. The rings and keys are hallmarked. The upper middle joint is marked: HILL-LATE/ MONZANI & Co. 28 REGENT Ste// PICCADILLY/ LONDON/ 3203; the lower joint is marked: MONZANI & Co. & below: PATENT. This flute has two headjoints, both have nice & functional adjustable end corks for intonation One head joint has a tuning slide and is fully lined. The barrel section is also lined from the top down to the tenon. However, the lining does not extend into the tenon itself. There is a crack in the barrel section that extends through the tenon. The upper body joint has a very faint superficial hairline crack at the back side of the upper end – it does not go through the wall. The lower body joint has a faint superficial hairline crack at the top end but it does not go through the wall and does not intersect a tone hole. Two of the pivot pins in the lower section are replaced with functional but non-original pins. This flute is in a particularly fine state. It does need new pads and joint wraps and reapirs to the minor cracks noted. Original, though worn original case is included. The total length is 671mm, and the sounding length is 592mm.