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Nuss Family Sax Band
Oboes & Bassoons
1. Bassoon, HECKEL, Biebrich, c.1910, 4000 series, high D-key, requires overhaul, in fitted period case (case in shaken condition), (Our #31275) $3,500.
Clarinets with Block Mounts
2. Clarinet in C, ASHTON, JOHN, Boston, 1825-33, boxwood, 5 round brass keys, bell is cracked, missing the rings at the top of the barrel & the bell, needs pads and joint wraps, length from top of the barrel to the bottom of the bell 534mm, (Our #24861) $650.
Clarinets 20th Century Boehm System
3. Clarinet, BUFFET, 1946-47, in Bb, Boehm system, grenadilla, unoriginal bell, 1 poorly pinned crack in middle joint needs complete overhaul, (Our #24839) $150.
4. Clarinet in Bb, BUFFET, Boehm system, 1936, Boehm system in Bb, grenadilla nicely reapaired pinned crack in upper mid joint, (Our #24949) $450.
5. Clarinet in Bb, EVETTE & SCHAEFFER, France, Boehm system, grenadilla, nickel keys, no cracks, very good playing condition, 598mm, (Our #24851) $350.
6. Clarinet in Bb, EVETTE & SCHAEFFER/BUFFET-CRAMPON, Paris, early 1950's, in Bb, Boehm system, grenadilla, playable condition, original case, (Our #24947) $275.
7. Clarinet in Bb, EVETTE/BUFFET-CRAMPON, Paris, Boehm system in Bb, grenadilla, playable condition, original case, (Our #24950) $200.
8. Clarinet in A, PENZEL MUELLER, New York, Grenadilla, nickel silver keys, LP, Boehm system, 1 piece body, wrap around octave key, old-style thick ring (doughnut key), missing two keys (the lowest left hand pinkie keys) no barrel or bell or case, old pads and corks need to be replaced, (Our #W7052) $100.
9. Clarinet, PRUEFER, c.1910-20, single-piece body, bell is missing it's metal ring (around the bottom), wrap-around octave key, marked L.P. (Low Pitch), barrel is stamped Pruefer but the bell is not, (Our #26657) $100.
Flutina and dancer
Miscellaneous Woodwinds
10. Galoubet, FRENCH, 2nd half 18th century, also known as a tabor pipe; unstamped, boxwood, in 2 pieces, with 2 holes in front & one in back, fipple mouthpiece section, excellent condition, playable, length 310mm, (Our #24244) $1,200.
11. Pitch Pipe, G. REED, English, 18th century, walnut, stamped: G.REED, fipple mouthpiece, graduated stopper with brass plate engraved F through A; length (non-extended) 398mm, (Our #25063) $2,200.
12. Practice Chanter, GRAINGER, Glasgow, c.1960, blackwood with celluloid rings, plastic reed, overall length 18-9/16", works very nicely, (Our #23946) $90.
13. Zampogna, ITALIAN, 19th century, 2 short drones (right and left hand), no keys, spacers between the tone holes made of large rounded brass tacks, overall lengths: 570mm and 446mm; sold as a pair, (Our #24099) $400.
14. Zampogna Chanter, ITALIAN, 19th century, no makers name, turned in chestnut?, overall length 750mm., one key with rather rudimentary spring mechanism, no key-cover, (Our #24098) $650.
15. Zampogna Chanters, ITALIAN, 1st half 19th century, 2 fruitwood chanters from zampogna, Short one is 920mm, long one is1505mm with a single iron key missing the tonehole cover (the long touch is present), the keybox for the long one has two missing chips at the vented end - missing about 1"x3/4" along the rim, (Our #24722) $1,500.
16. Chanter, SCOTTISH, Blackwood chanter with iv. sole (no mouthpiece), (Our #25065) $200.
17. Smallpipes, SCOTTISH OR NORTH ENGLAND, late 18th century, 3 bone-mounted drones, stocks & blowpipe of laburnum, the last with horn mouthpiece, modern leather bag. no chanter, requires restoration, (Our #W9201) $1,200.
18. Recorder, DOLMETSCH, Treble, c.1975, brown plastic body with white plastic mouthpiece, baroque fingering, in new condition in the original box, (Our #25209) $25.
19. Recorder, MOECK, Rottenburgh Alto model 239, maple, exellent condition, in the original case, (Our #25312) $225.
20. Recorder, Bass, MOLLENHAUER, Fulda, Germany, 1976-77, pearwood, 3 brass keys and bocal, Baroque fingering, single low C/F key (not separate keys for low C# and F#), in original case, near mint condition, (Our #28332) $500.
Sold As-Is
21. Clarinet in Bb, WEYMANN, Varsity, c.1940s, Boehm system, grenadilla, nickel silver keys, missing the bridge mechanism from the top joint to the bottom joint, with a non-original bell stamped G. PENZEL/NEW YORK/Professional, no barrel and no case, needs overhaul (cleaning, pads, corks, springs), (Our #25052) $100.