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Nuss Family Sax
Clarinets with Block Mounts
1. Clarinet in C, ASHTON, JOHN, Boston, 1825-33, boxwood, 5 round brass keys, bell is cracked, missing the rings at the top of the barrel & the bell, needs pads and joint wraps, length from top of the barrel to the bottom of the bell 534mm, (Our #24861) $650.
Clarinets 20th Century Boehm System
2. Clarinet, BUFFET, 1946-47, in Bb, Boehm system, grenadilla, unoriginal bell, 1 poorly pinned crack in middle joint needs complete overhaul, (Our #24839) $150.
3. Clarinet in Bb, BUFFET, Boehm system, 1936, Boehm system in Bb, grenadilla nicely reapaired pinned crack in upper mid joint, (Our #24949) $450.
4. Clarinet in Bb, EVETTE & SCHAEFFER, France, Boehm system, grenadilla, nickel keys, no cracks, very good playing condition, 598mm, (Our #24851) $350.
5. Clarinet in Bb, EVETTE & SCHAEFFER/BUFFET-CRAMPON, Paris, early 1950's, in Bb, Boehm system, grenadilla, playable condition, original case, (Our #24947) $275.
6. Clarinet in Bb, EVETTE/BUFFET-CRAMPON, Paris, Boehm system in Bb, grenadilla, playable condition, original case, (Our #24950) $200.
7. Clarinet in A, PENZEL MUELLER, New York, Grenadilla, nickel silver keys, LP, Boehm system, 1 piece body, wrap around octave key, old-style thick ring (doughnut key), missing two keys (the lowest left hand pinkie keys) no barrel or bell or case, old pads and corks need to be replaced, (Our #W7052) $100.
8. Clarinet, PRUEFER, c.1910-20, single-piece body, bell is missing it's metal ring (around the bottom), wrap-around octave key, marked L.P. (Low Pitch), barrel is stamped Pruefer but the bell is not, (Our #26657) $100.
9. Saxophone, H.N. WHITE BY KING, Tenor, H.N. White by King, tenor saxophone, dark brass lacquer finish, original neck and two mouthpieces (King and Conn Precision model), original but tattered case with clarinet pocket (but no clarinet or case), slightly dented at the thumbrest, pearl touches, bakelite rollers, (Our #31729) $750.
10. Saxophone, Soprano, YORK, Grand Rapids, 1925-26, straight soprano, silver-plated, pearl dots & rollers, YORK/ GRAND RAPIDS/ MICHIGAN, excellent unoverhauled condition with period pads,original mouthpiece, original hard case, (Our #31212) $550.
Flutina and dancer
Miscellaneous Woodwinds
11. Galoubet, FRENCH, 2nd half 18th century, also known as a tabor pipe, unstamped, boxwood, in 2 pieces, with 2 holes in front & one in back, fipple mouthpiece section, excellent condition, playable, length 310mm, (Our #24244) $1,200.
12. Pitch Pipe, G. REED, English, 18th century, walnut, stamped: G.REED, fipple mouthpiece, graduated stopper with brass plate engraved F through A, length (non-extended) 398mm, (Our #25063) $2,200.
13. Practice Chanter, GRAINGER, Glasgow, c.1960, blackwood with celluloid rings, plastic reed, overall length 18-9/16", works very nicely, (Our #23946) $80.
14. Zampogna, ITALIAN, 19th century, 2 short drones (right and left hand), no keys, spacers between the tone holes made of large rounded brass tacks, overall lengths: 570mm and 446mm, sold as a pair, (Our #24099) $400.
15. Zampogna Chanter, ITALIAN, 19th century, no makers name, turned in chestnut?, overall length 750mm., one key with rather rudimentary spring mechanism, no key-cover, (Our #24098) $650.
16. Zampogna Chanters, ITALIAN, 1st half 19th century, 2 fruitwood chanters from zampogna, Short one is 920mm, long one is1505mm with a single iron key missing the tonehole cover (the long touch is present), the keybox for the long one has two missing chips at the vented end - missing about 1"x3/4" along the rim, (Our #24722) $1,500.
17. Chanter, SCOTTISH, Blackwood chanter with iv. sole (no mouthpiece), (Our #25065) $200.
18. Smallpipes, SCOTTISH OR NORTH ENGLAND, late 18th century, 3 bone-mounted drones, stocks & blowpipe of laburnum, the last with horn mouthpiece, modern leather bag. no chanter, requires restoration, (Our #W9201) $1,200.
19. Recorder, DOLMETSCH, Treble, c.1975, brown plastic body with white plastic mouthpiece, baroque fingering, in new condition in the original box, (Our #25209) $25.
20. Recorder, MOECK, Rottenburgh Alto model 239, maple, exellent condition, in the original case, (Our #25312) $225.
21. Recorder, Bass, MOLLENHAUER, Fulda, Germany, 1976-77, pearwood, 3 brass keys and bocal, Baroque fingering, single low C/F key (not separate keys for low C# and F#), in original case, near mint condition, (Our #28332) $500.
Sold As-Is
22. Clarinet in Bb, WEYMANN, Varsity, c.1940s, Boehm system, grenadilla, nickel silver keys, missing the bridge mechanism from the top joint to the bottom joint, with a non-original bell stamped G. PENZEL/NEW YORK/Professional, no barrel and no case, needs overhaul (cleaning, pads, corks, springs), (Our #25052) $100.