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Mandolin Family
1. CHARLES ALBERT, Mandolin, c.1890s, perhaps a Chicago product but possibly from one of the Philadelphia manufacturers, the back of the head is labelled: "THE SONORO/CHAS F. ALBERT/ MAKER/ PHILA/PA"; the body of 22 roseewood staves with a clasp; tortoise style pickguard with decorative pearl inlay, plain ebony fingerboard with pearl dot inlays, engraved nickel plated tuners and tailpiece cover, original canvas case (missing leather hinges), top has a glued crack from the pickguard to the bottom edge to the right of the treble strings, body has two unrepaired seam openings; playable as-is, (Our #26997) $300.
2. EASTMAN, Mandolin, MD315, NEW, F-style body with solid carved maple back and sides, satin sunburst finish, solid carved spruce top, satin lacquer finish, radius fingerboard, 1-3/32" bone nut, 13-7/8" scale length, sturdy padded gig bag, (Our #31594) $699.
3. EASTMAN, Mandolin, MD515, NEW, F-style bluegrass mandolin, carved solid spruce table and carved solid maple back, gloss finish with light sunburst, 12" radius ebony fingerboard, nice brown lacquer finish, 1-3/32" bone nut and 13-7/8" scale, nice easy action, original hard case, (Our #31596) $999.
4. GIBSON, Mandolin, A, 1917, orange top finish, rvery nice original pickguard and original fixed bridge, ALSO-the original tuners, one repaired top crack (lower bass side), top 7 frets are replaced, very nice playability and rich string sound, original hard case, (Our #30106) $1,200.
5. GIBSON, Mandolin, A-0, 1929, dark brown finish, adjustable truss-rod, new adjustable Siminoff bridge, "Gibson"in white silkscreen on head, nice full frets, excellent condition, original hard case, (Our #27756) $2,200.
6. GIBSON, Mandolin, A-00, c.1934-35, adjustable truss rod, sunburst finish, flat back, carved-arched top with white binding, nice reproduction tuners, lacks pickguard, otherwise original, excellent condition, new hard case, (Our #25292) $950.
7. GIBSON, Mandolin, A-1, 1939, sunburst top, ff-holes, 2-piece maple back, deco-shape head with white silk screen "Gibson", rosewood fingerboard with dots, adjustable truss rod and later adjustable bridge, 14 1/2" scale length, 11-1/4" wide, 3 repaired top ff-hole cracks, overall good condition, original soft case, (Our #26529) $1,250.
8. GIBSON, Mandolin, A-1, 1923, snakehead peghead, black top finish, top & back with white bindings, Waverly "arrow-head" tuners, adjustable truss-rod; completely original including the adjustable bridge, pickguard, tailpiece, & tuners, excellent condition, original hard case with green lining; the white rod cover is obviously later, but we left it because it looked cool on an otherwise black instrument, (Our #31353) $2,750.
9. GIBSON, Mandolin, A-1, 1923, snakehead, black top finish, adjustable truss-rod, adjustable bridge, simple soundhole rings, top & back binding in white celluloid, completely original including tailpiece cover, Waverly "arrowhead" tuners & pickguard, excellent condition but for some minor player wear & some finish wear to the top below the treble end of the bridge, original hard case, easy to play & great sounding, (Our #31002) $2,750.
10. GIBSON, Mandolin, A-2, early 1923, brown finish, adjustable truss-rod, adjustable bridge, 2-piece maple back original, very good condition but for a repaired 2-1/2"crack just to the left of the soundhole, original hard case, (Our #27104) $2,200.
11. GIBSON, Mandolin, A-2 Z, 1923, snakehead, black top finish; top, back, & fingerboard with white bindings, adjustable truss-rod, adjustable bridge, double rings around soundhole, "The Gibson" inlaid in pearl on head, there is an area of fill/retouch just below th treble side of the rosette, original but missing the pickguard, overall very good condition, original green-lined hard case, essentially this is a very late black-top A-2Z, but with the double soundhole rings like the early 1923 Zs, and the square-ended cheaper tuners, (Our #29819) $4,500.
12. GIBSON, Mandolin, A-3, 1920, white top finish, original grained white celluloid pickguard in great shape, white celluloid soundhole ring; two-piece straight mahogany neck with even low action, frets show minor wear, completely original & fitted with a modern adjustable bridge (original bridge in case), excellent condition but for some pick scratches, original hard case, (Our #29161) $2,250.
13. GIBSON, Mandolin, F-2, early 1929, cremona sunburst finish, truss rod, original tuners, adjustable bridge and pickguard, nice original hardshell case, old repaired lower heel crack, otherwise wonderful condition and a terrific player, (Our #29878) $4,000.
14. GIBSON, Mandolin, F-4, 1941, sunburst, truss-rod, elevated rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, 2-piece slab-cut figured maple back, vase & curlicues peghead inlay like on period F-12; upper back has a glued 2"hairline crack, nice later repro pickguard, later hard case, a very late F-4 that has been later modified with an X-brace (well done), the top does show some flattening-out but is still of acceptable height; otherwise excellent condition; wonderfully big & full sounding, (Our #23591) $3,750.
15. GIBSON, Mandolin, F-4, 1926/1927, beautiful broadly curled one-piece slab-cut American maple back, deep reddish sunburst finish, lacquer lines but no cracks, finish mostly gone from back of neck, original frets worn, various areas of player wear; original but for Stew-Mac Waverly vintage-style replacement tuners, in a new rectangular hard case, with the big sound you would expect from this period F-4, (Our #29656) $6,500.
16. GIBSON, Mandolin, F-5, 1924, bearing a Masterbuilt label dated Dec. 1, 1924 , signed by Lloyd Loar; dark "Cremona" brown sunburst finish, neck with side binding, peghead with inlaid flowerpot; original but for a period nickel-plated Gibson tailpiece cover, no Virzi, overall excellent condition (no cracks or repairs & showing only minimal player wear), original rectangular hard case with red lining, (Our #32036) INQUIRE
17. GIBSON, Mandolin, F-5, 1923, bearing a Masterbuilt label dated Jan. 5, 1923, signed by Lloyd Loar; "Cremona" brown sunburst varnish finish, peghead with inlaid flowerpot, Virzi Tone Producer, original but for new Waverly reproduction tuners in silver with pearl buttons, original rectagular hard case; overall excellent condition, a particularly fine sounding F-5; serial number 71839, and formerly the property of a professional mandolinist, (Our #31816) INQUIRE
18. GIBSON, Mandola, H-0, 1940, sunburst, A-50 style maple body with white top and back binding, ff-holes, X-braced, adjustable truss rod, tortoise-color pickguard with white binding; adhustable ebony bridge; the top is slightly depressed under the treble ff-hole but stable, back with some overspray, otherwise very good condition, (Our #32094) $1,500.
19. GIBSON, Mandola, H-1, 1911, orange top finish; top, back & fingerboard with white bindings, with the original tuners, pickguard, & tailpiece; replaced bridge top inserts, very good plus condition, original hard case, (Our #31356) HOLD
20. KENTUCKY, Mandolin, KM-250, NEW, Solid German spruce top and solid Alpine carved maple back & sides, natural amber finish; 1-1/8" nut, raiused fingerboard, 13-7/8" scale, natural finish, A-5 style round hole body, rosewood fingerboard, tapered snake head, very nice hard shell case (C-1521) included, (Our #31852) $450.
21. KENTUCKY, Mandolin, KM-272, NEW, Solid Swiss spruce top and solid Swiss carved maple back & sides; blonde finish, A-5 style round hole body, rosewood fingerboard, tapered snake head, very nice Superior arch top hard shell case (CD-1521) included, (Our #32052) $475.
22. LYON & HEALY, Mandola, Style A Mandola, c.1918, carved two-piece back of American slab-cut maple, carved spruce top with oval soundhole, 2 symetrical body points, two-piece mahogany neck with carved violin-style scroll, ebony fingerboard with 11 frets to the body with 24 total, completely original and in excellent plus condition, original hard case; scale: 15-3/4", width of body: 11-3/8"; length of back:14-7/8", Serial number 2; A rare and visually stunning instrument in a very pure state of preservation, (Our #31919) $9,500.
23. MARTIN, Mandolin, A-K, 1928, especially nice koa with prominent narrow curl, ebony fingerboard, inset pickguard, completely original, one glued grain line opening on the treble side of the top, excellent condition, original hard case with worn out handle, (Our #30083) $1,450.
24. MARTIN, Mandolin, Style 4, 1907, 30 rosewood ribs, engraved German-silver tuner plates, bound mahogany neck, bound top with abalone trim, particularly fine original condition, original hard case, dated on underside of top:"2111/ 6/4/07/ F.H.M."; looks like its been in a time capsule, (Our #26957) $2,500.
25. MARTIN, Mandolin, Style A, 1929, ebony fingerboard, pickguard inset into top, bar frets, rosewood bindings, very good condition, (Our #22963) $850.
26. MARTIN, Mandolin, Style A, 1942, mahogany back & sides, spruce top with sunburst finish, tortoise colored plastic bindings & pickguard, ebony fingerboard & bridge, completely original, near mint condition, original rigid soft case, the cleanest wartime sunburst Martin mandolin we have seen, (Our #27684) $1,500.
27. MARTIN, Mandolin, Style A, 1937, spruce top with sunburst finish, ebony fringerboard & bridge, black bindings, completely original, excellent plus condition, later hard case, (Our #27853) $1,600.
28. MARTIN, Mandolin, Style B, 1919, rosewood body, similar to the style 21 guitar witrh herringbone trim around soundhole & center of back, rosewood bindings, ebony fingerboard with slotted diamonds & squares, engraved tailpiece cover & tuner plates, completely original, excellent condition but for 5 worn frets, original hard case, unusually choice-looking spruce top, (Our #26847) $1,500.
29. MARTIN, Mandolin, Style B, 1941, rosewood back & sides, herringbone trim around hole & back center strip, ebony fingerboard with abalone diamonds & squares, completely original, near mint condition, original soft case, the latest & cleanest pre-war Style B we have seen, (Our #27617) $1,600.
30. WASHBURN, Mandolin, "The New Washburn 1897 Model", c.1897, roundback rosewood body with 38 staves & rosewood clasp bound in ivoroid, top & soundhole with pearl trim, birdseye maple neck with engraved silver-plated gear-plate, pearl buttons, abalone fingerboard with engraved designs, engraved silver-plated tailpiece cover, highly attractive mandolin but needs some restoration: requires a neck reset & pulling-up of table under fingerboard, otherwise very nice condition, (Our #25329) $1,500.
Antique Mandolins
31. AMERICAN, Mandola, c.1900-, roundback mandola, 39 rosewood ribs with light colored spacers, rosewood clasp with iv. edging, inset pickguard with inlaid wood marquetry butterfly, the headstock with pearl vine foliate inlay, 16-1/2" scale, oval soundhole with surround identical to that of a Gibson style 4, top has flattened out somewhat (originally these are slightly canted or bent tops), otherwise good condition, appears to be Italian immigrant work likely from New York, (Our #22401) $500.
32. E. DE CRISTOFARO, Mandolin, c.1900, an Italian mandolin in very good original and playable condition, bearing the original label: E. DE CRISTOFARO, Fabbrica in Napoli, the spruce top edged in rosewood, the bell shaped soundhole & tortoise colored plastic pickguard decorated with ornate mother of pearl blocks and ornaments, the top inscribed and signed in ink by the maker just above the bridge on the bass side, the round back of 25 rosewood ribs interspersed with maple stripes, very good straight rosewood neck, the extended fingerboard in ebony with 29 brass frets and decorated with mother of pearl markers, the enclosed machine heads with iv. buttons & metal cover engraved with floral ornaments; excellent but for an open top crack, (Our #26601) $1,000.
33. FRATELLI VINACCIA, Mandolin, 1894, 29 rosewood staves plus the clasp, ebonized veneer around the neck, enclosed tuning gears with pearl buttons, spruce top with pearl & tortoise butterfly inlay, top is bordered with bone and abalone inlay, engraved original lyre shaped tailpiece; lots of problems to deal with; one bridge end-dot is missing, bridge saddle is missing, top center seam is a bit open, top is sunken in above the soundhole and bits of the rosette missing, the neck is pushed out of the body; little bit of a mess but could one day once again be a nice mandolin; nice leather case, sold as-is & requiring restoration, (Our #29064) $850.
34. LOVERI, GIUSEPPE, Mandolin, roundback, 21 staves + clasp, pearl top binding, inset tortoise pickguard with pearl inlay, in soft case, needs quite a few repairs, (Our #23725) $150.
35. STELLA, Mandolin, Roundback, c.1890-1900, 18 rosewood staves with light spacers, bound spruce top, inlaid pickguard, enclosed tuners, (Our #22411) $175.
36. VINACCIA SCHOOL, Mandolin, c.1890-1900, nice Neapolitan work in the style of the Vinaccia family, roundback, playable condition, 30 maple staves with maple clasp, the top with a tortoiseshell pickguard, unbound rosewood fingerboard, the fingerboard with simple slotted squares and diamonds, the spruce top with rosewood and pearl edging, the rosette with pearl inlays, the tuners with bone buttons, with the original nickel plated lyre shaped tailpiece cover, the inside with paper linings but no maker's label, with a nice newer hardshell case, (Our #27503) $1,500.
Sold As-Is
37. GIBSON, Mandolin, A-4, 1914, black top finish, tuners with crosshatch-engraving and ivoroid (plastic) buttons), typical period A-4, but neck broken & badly repaired at the heel, the headstock has also been carved away on one side, mark on the top above the bridge area is a scratch (not a crack), no case, (Our #27376) $850.