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American Flutes
1. AMERICAN, c.1850, cocuswood in D, 1 flat round key, nickel rings, sounding length 525mm, long headjoint crack (opposite embouchure) and hairline crack in the third joint, missing the ring at the bottom of the foot joint, needs wraps & pads, (Our #24672), $250.
2. AMERICAN, c.1830, rare side blown flute in F, probably Firth, Hall & Pond, boxwood, 1 round key missing, turned rings, total length 500mm, requires restoration, (Our #23454), $300.
3. AMERICAN, c.1840, boxwood, originally with bone rings but two have been replaced with pewter, , very pretty turning work, four small cracks at base of head joint (with old glue filler) and one crack at top of 3rd joint with old glue filler, 1 nickel saltspoon key, 531mm, (Our #24680), $325.
4. AMERICAN OR GERMAN, c.1830, unstamped, stained fruitwood, bone rings (missing two - one replaced with an ill fitting non-original ring), single brass saltspoon key, two fine cracks in head joint, sounding length 522mm, (Our #24669), $225.
5. AMERICAN, PROBABLY, c.1850, Walking Stick Flute, maple, keyless, turned maple end cap, missing ferrule at top (perhaps silver), integral ring turnings in stick below flute body, OL 886mm, sounding length 354mm, (Our #24681), $2,500.
6. C. G. CHRISTMAN, 1837-51, boxwood, four nickel saltspoon shaped keys on block mounts, lined head joint and barrel with tuning slide, one fine crack in barrel joint and one fine crack in head joint (not through embouchure), stamped: unicorn device/ C.G. CHRISTMAN/404 PEARL ST/NEW YORKthe barrel is stamped "Patent", slide is a bit loose in the head, needs new string wraps, sounding length 526mm, (Our #22899), $900.
7. CHABRIER PELOUBET, c.1836-60, boxwood, doubled rings, 4 German silver keys with round covers on block mounts, no cracks but missing the end cap and needs new corks and pads, A=450, sounding length 528 mm, stamped C. PELOUBET/ NEW YORK/FACTORY/BLOOMFIELD/N.J.; the head joint also stamped GER. SILVER, (Our #23841), $750.
8. FIRTH, HALL & POND, c.1835, boxwood with iv. Rings, 8 silver salt-spoon keys (one touch missing) with C & C#, cracked through head (opposite embouchure) & barrel, end-cap missing, 2 rings damaged, otherwise ok, requires restoration, total L-658mm, s.l.: 590mmst: FIRTH HALL & POND/FRANKLIN SQ./N-YORK/1217, (Our #26462), $500.
9. GEIB, J., A. & W., c.1820, attractive boxwood, one brass key with flat sqaure cover, missing the end cap, no cracks, but needs a new end cap, string wraps and pad, sounding length 526mm, (Our #24096), $850.
10. GEIB, JOHN, 1818-1829, stained boxwood, 6 nickel saltspoon keys (one is missing the touch end), period head joint by Firth, Pond & Co., NY fits well, minus end cap, 529mm, (Our #24664), $600.
11. JOHN D. DOUGLASS, c.1835-39, boxwood, 4 square brass keys (1 missing), 2 minor tenon cracks, missing 2 rings, sounding length 534mm, overall length 607mm, stamped on all joints: J. D. DOUGLASS/ UTICA, (Our #24666), $850.
12. JOHN GEIB, c.1815, boxwood,1 brass key which may be a very old replacement, no cracks and rings are fine, sl 520mm, A=459 approx., stamp: Geib/ 23 Maiden Lane/New York, no case, (Our #22442), $950.
13. KLEMM & BRO., 1820-90, st: KLEMM & BRO/ -IN-/ PHILADELPHIA. cocuswood, 8 nickel keys, C & C# w/pewter plugs, nickel rings, nickel embouchure band, headjoint and barrel are cracked, third joint has a crack, some of the keys are loose on pivots, sounding length 580mm, (Our #24692), $450.
14. MEINELL, WILLIAM R., c.1915, st: W.MEINELL/Manufacturer/New York, grenadilla, 10 nickel keys to low B, lined head-lining has slipped, one touch broken off & missing, cracked barrel, missing one ring, really pretty filthy too but by a fine American maker and thus worthy of restoring one day, 640mm, (Our #23427), $300.
15. PELOUBET, CHABRIER, 1829-36, boxwood, 1 silver square key, 2" crack at the tenon end of the head joint, very old repaired crack in the foot joint (not through the tone hole), the tenon at the top of the foot joint is broken up, missing the end cap, missing the rings of the top joint and bottom of the foot joint (has the center joint ring and end foot ring), sounding length 527mm, (Our #24671), $600.
16. ROHE, JOSEPH ANTON, 1840-63, boxwood, rounded horn rings (one is warped and it is missing the ring on the foot joint), 1 circular brass key-missing the touch, high pitched, sounding length 527mm, (Our #24679), $400.
17. SONNTAG, HERMAN, 1856-90, in F, cocuswood, 6 nickel keys, hairline embouchure crack, complete & in very good condition, tuning slide may be stuck and it needs new pads and corks, 445mm, (Our #23457), $350.
18. WILLIAM HALL, c.1840, unstamped, cocus body in 4 joints, one nickel silver key, no cracks in the wood but the two middle rings are cracked, A=455, sounding length 526mm, requires some restoration, (Our #23840), $450.
19. WILLIAM HALL & SON, c.1850, in dark cocuswood, silver rings, 8 flat silver keys (the C & C# with pewter plugs) with block mounts (the short F key with post mounts), silver embouchure band, adjustable tuning barrel and lined head joint, sounding length 580mm, overall length 660mm, needs new joint wraps and pads, stamped: WILLIAM HALL & SON/ 239 BROADWAY/ N-YORK, (Our #32130), $650.
20. ZOGBAUM, FERDINAND, c.1860-70, cocuswood, 6 nickel keys & nickel rings, cracked head, barrel cracked in two places, some keys loose on the pivots, sounding length 526mm, no case, stamped: (bee devise)/F. ZOGBAUM/IN/NEW YORK/(monogram), (Our #24668), $300.
21. ZOGBAUM, FERDINAND, 1854-80, nicely figured cocus wood, 8 brass keys-2 with pewter plugs (C & C#), fully lined head joint but wood is loose from liner and is cracked, tuning slide probably stuck, missing the end cap but has the cork adjuster, needs pads and springs and wraps and there's one itty bitty crack at the top of the third joint, sounding length 643mm, (Our #24689), $375.
European Flutes
22. CLEMENTI & COMPY, 1802-03, stained boxwood, unmounted, small original uncut holes, 1 flat square brass key, 1 5cm crack at bottom of head, SL 536, OL 620, stamp: CLEMENTI & COMPY/No 26 Cheapside/London, (Our #24670), $750.
23. ENGLISH, c.1800, boxwood, 1 square brass key, unicorn device, 538mm, (Our #24685), $1,000.
24. GERMAN, c.1890-1900, grenadilla, 11 nickel keys, B-foot, tuning barrel is frozen, sounding length 642mm, lined head joint, head joint is cracked through the embouchure, barrel is cracked, requires restoration, (Our #26654), $145.
25. GERMAN, c.1910, unstamped, grenadilla, 10 nickel keys, to low B, missing one ring & end cap, head and barrel are cracked (not through embouchure), missing touch for low B key, no case, 625mm, (Our #23431), $180.
26. GERMAN, STAMPED BRUNO, c. 1890, grenadilla, 8 nickel keys, C-foot, lined head joint and barrel, lining in the head is slipped out of place a bit, head joint is cracked at the back and the barrel is cracked at the back, tuning barrel is frozen, good springs and fresh looking pads (two need replacing), bottom end cap is loose, sounding length 600mm, (Our #26653), $200.
27. METZLER, c.1825, ebony with 8 block mounted silver saltspoon keys and wide silver rings, no missing or replaced keys, blocks or rings, fully lined head, 2 cracks each in the head joint and tuning barrel but not through the embouchure, one small crack at the top of the middle body joint, end cap probably not original, sounding length 583mm, (Our #24095), $850.
28. MONZANI & CO., 1822-1833, cocuswood with wide silver rings, 8 block-mounted silver keys, rings & keys fully hallmarked, total length: 671, sounding length: 592mm, in the somewhat shaken fitted leather case with an additional original headjoint included with tuning slide (same length), in a particularly fine state of preservation with the exception of an unrepaired crack in the tuning slide headjoint opposire the embouchure; requires new pads & cork, the upper middle joint stamped: HILL-LATE/ MONZANI & Co. 28 REGENT Ste// PICCADILLY/ LONDON/ 3203; the lower joint stamped: MONZANI & Co. & below: PATENT, (Our #28497), $2,500.
Boehm System & Variants
29. ALFRED G. BADGER, c.1880, Boehm-system, cylindrical body in grenadilla with silver keywork, C-foot, closed G#, ebonite headjoint with raised lip- plate, original leather-covered case, original ebonite tenon caps, s.l.:590mm, inspired by the flutes of Boehm & Mendler, this flute is engraved on the upper tenon: A.G.BADGER/MAKER NY; another Badger flute with the name similarly engraved is illustrated on p.17 in David Shorey's 1983 Catalogue of Historic Flutes., (Our #26668), $2,000.
30. GERMAN, c.1890, grenadilla, open G#, C-foot, unstamped, style of Boehm & Mendler, closed silver plated keys, 607mm sounding length, 2cm hairline crack at the base of the head joint, requires restoration, (Our #25102), $800.
31. DANIEL, c.1880-90, likely in Eb, sold by Penzel Muller in NYC, Grenadilla, 5 nickel keys, very small tone holes, fully lined head joint is missing the end cap and is cracked at the back side, tuning slide is frozen (rotates, but doesn’t pull open), cracked barrel, sounding length is 245mm, ragged original case, (Our #23353), $75.
32. ENGLISH, mid 19th century, cocuswood, 2 pieces, 1 round nickel saltspoon key, 3 nickel rings (end-ring & cap absent), the head joint is cracked and the crack passes through the embouchure hole, 250mm, (Our #24696), $75.
33. GEORGE CLOOS, rosewood, keyless, 45mm, long nickel silver ferrules, one of the end ferrules is a bit dented at the tip (the one at the head), one-piece body, needs new cork, Stamped CROSBY over the GC monogram, (Our #29394), $75.
34. GEORGE CLOOS, dark rosewood, keyless, 45mm, long nickel slver ferrules, one of the ferrules is a bit dented at the tip (the one at the foot) , one- piece body, needs new cork, Stamped CROSBY over the GC Monogram, (Our #29395), $75.