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1. JACOB HORIL, Rome, c.1750, a fine Roman cello of large proportions, with a formidable and imposing sound, 779mm, (Our #30912), INQUIRE
2. JOSEPH PANORMO, London, c.1810, Certificate by W. E. Hill & Sons, London, 736mm, (Our #29898), HOLD
3. GIANCARLO GUICCIARDI, Modena, 1978, in nearly perfect condition; with a letter from the maker; Guicciardi was a pupil of Ansaldo Poggi and exhibits some of the finest craftmanship of any modern Italian maker, 756mm, (Our #31320), INQUIRE
4. BENJAMIN BANKS, Salisbury, 1775, bearing its original label & brands, and in a particularly fine state of preservation; Certificate by Wm. Moennig & Son; formerly used by Grace Parisano of the Philadelphia Orchestra, 741mm, (Our #30660), INQUIRE
5. PETER WAMSLEY, London, c.1720, a large and warm sounding cello of generous proportions by this very fine early London maker, 745mm, (Our #30675), INQUIRE
6. GIOVANNI DOLLENZ, Trieste, c.1860, 742mm, (Our #28846), INQUIRE
7. CHARLES HARRIS, Woodstock/London, 1817, the very fine work of Charles Harris, Jr., Certificate by Wm. Moennig & Son, Philadelphia, (Our #31338), INQUIRE
8. GEORGE CRASKE, Manchester, c.1850, George Craske was born in 1797 & died in 1888 leaving behind a prolific legacy of fine violins & celli, mostly on a flat Guarneri model, and made in an interesting bold rustic style, 729mm, (Our #25740), INQUIRE
9. MAX FRIRSZ, New York, 1971, a very fine sounding cello from this highly regarded New York maker, modeled after a 1732 Montagnana, 750mm, (Our #31606), INQUIRE
10. RAFFAELE & ANTONIO GAGLIANO, Naples, 1845, a rare child's size Gagliano cello in a very pure state of preservation, length of back 662mm (26- 1/16"), string length: 628mm (24-3/4"), 662mm, (Our #22789), $40,000.
11. GUY RABUT, 1995, 758mm, (Our #31376), $40,000.
12. PIETER ROMBOUTS, ATTRIBUTED TO, Amsterdam, c.1700, expertly cut-down from a larger size, with a nicely restored crack to the back; bearing a Hendrik Jacobs label, certificate by R & M Millant, Paris, attributing it to the work of Pieter Rombouts of Amsterdam, the scroll probably by Andreas Castagneri, 741mm, (Our #29896), $40,000.
13. WILLIAM FORSTER II, London, c.1775-80, an early Stainer model Forster (known as "old Forster"or Wm. Forster II) with various old repairs, the head by a later English maker; a very similar cello is illustrated in Brompton's London sale of Oct.2009, lot 156; (28-7/8"), 734mm, (Our #25782), $38,000.
14. GUY RABUT, New York, 2004, a full Franceso Ruggieri model with European poplar back & ribs, 733mm, (Our #31313), $35,000.
15. NATALE CARLETTI, Bologna, 1950, poplar back and ribs, a nicely repaired & hardly noticed restored soundpost crack to the back, 753mm, (Our #27960), $35,000.
16. AUGSBURG OR STRASSBURG, c.1680-1700, a small and elegant early German cello, set up as a 5-string Baroque cello; the scroll in the form of a lion's head, the bass side of which is stamped: BETTS (at one time probably sold by Betts in London), 686mm, (Our #29858), $35,000.
17. GUY RABUT, New York, 1994, a Forma B Stradivari model (similar to that of the Duport and the Bass of Spain Stradivari), with the back & ribs of Vermont willow, 756mm, (Our #31314), $32,000.
18. STEFANO GIBERTONI, Milan, 2015, a lightly antiqued & beautiful sounding Stradivari model from our favorite modern Milan maker, 752mm, (Our #30724), $30,000.
19. GAETANO PARESCHI II, Piacenza, c.1968, by Gaetano Pareschi II, 746mm, (Our #25101), $30,000.
20. IAN MCWILLIAMS, Berlin, 2016, an elegant and tastefully antiqued Andrea Guarneri model, 431mm, (Our #31527), $28,000.
21. SAMUEL PAYTON, Philadelphia, 2016, J. B. Guadagnini model, 715mm, (Our #31529), $25,000.
22. CHRISTOPHER JACOBY, 2016, a Domenico Montagnana model with stunning varnish & extraordinarily handsome wood, 740mm, (Our #31525), $22,000.
23. CHRISTOPHER JACOBY, Auburn, Nebraska, 2015, Christopher Jacoby is a graduate of The Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City., 755mm, (Our #30931), $20,000.
24. FERNANDO ARICHI, Cremona, 2001, a nice quality Stradivari model from a graduate of the violin making school in Cremona, 752mm, (Our #26352), $20,000.
25. SCOTTISH, Aberdeen, c.1790-1840, possibly the work of George Thompson or that of Thomas Jamieson, 750mm, (Our #26753), HOLD
26. JOHN BURDETTE, Merchantville, 2009, this maker's Stradivari model with strong resonance and articulation, 738mm, (Our #30946), $15,000.
27. GERMAN, c.1930s, a very nice Montagnana model cello, probably German circa 1930, with attractive wood of broad curl, 748 mm, (Our #28405), $15,000.
28. VIRGILIO CAPELLINI, Cremona, 1973, a somewhat small Montagnana model based on Orlando Cole's "Sleeping Beauty"; with a well repaired post crack to the back, 743mm, (Our #31676), $14,500.
29. JEROME THIBOUVILLE-LAMY, Mirecourt, c.1930, an older French cello in nearly new condition, 757mm, (Our #31494), $14,000.
30. RAINER LEONHARDT, Mittenwald, 2001, an attractively wooded & robust Montagnana model from a master workshop in Mittenwald, excellent condition, certificate from Wm. Moennig & Son, 742mm, (Our #29976), $11,000.
31. CRACOVIA WORKSHOP, Poland, 2007, in the style of J. B. Guadagnini, 736mm, (Our #31187), $8,500.
32. JOHANNES ALBRECHT, Markneukirchen, 1956, 756mm, (Our #31197), $7,000.
33. ILLNER REIDL, Baiersdorf-Igelsdorf, 1982, a skillfully executed Stradivari model in excellent condition, 754mm, (Our #30407), $6,500.
34. IVAN DUNOV WORKSHOP, Romania, 2016, (Our #31604), $4,000.
35. KARL HOFNER, Bubenreuth, Germany, 1965, a decent though plain-looking older solid wood full-size student cello in excellent condition, 757mm, (Our #25382), $1,850.