1. BAM FRANCE, High Tech Contour Violin Case, New, two bow holders, 3.5 lbs, color: Anise, (Our #29778) CALL FOR PRICE
2. BAM FRANCE, High Tech Oblong Violin Case, New, smooth exterior without exterior pocket, 5.2 lbs, colour: Tweed, (Our #29775) CALL FOR PRICE
3. BAM FRANCE, High Tech Paris Contour Violin Case, hightech shell, 1.6kg, two bow holders, strap for shoulder rest, two comfy shoulder straps, (Our #30693) CALL FOR PRICE
4. BAM FRANCE, Hightech Contoured Violin Case, Tweed clour, 3.5 lbs, (Our #29919) CALL FOR PRICE
5. BAM FRANCE, Lotus Violin Case, New, trim style, cloth cover with two pockets, four bow holders, 6.16 lbs colour: Bayadere, (Our #29776) CALL FOR PRICE
6. BAM FRANCE, St. Germain Stylus Oblong Violin Case, New, Violin, stylish new version of this wonderful case, 6.8 lbs, color: gray & black, (Our #29769) CALL FOR PRICE
7. BAM FRANCE, St. Germain Stylus Violin Case, oblong case with blue cover & stlish St. Germain trim, zipper closure with tab lock, 2 bow spinners, thickly padded backpack straps, 6.8 lbs, (Our #30156) CALL FOR PRICE
8. BAM FRANCE, Trekking Violin Case, New, In the original BAM style, well padded for travelling, separate removeable bow tube, rain poncho, 7.9 lbs colour: blue, (Our #29779) CALL FOR PRICE
9. ENGLISH OR AMERICAN, c.1880, shaped wooden case with nice arched top, the bodu is made of pine with nice walnut (?) veneers, very nice brass fittings, latches work, wonderful original marbled paper in the lid, plain bottom, small amount of veneer loss (primarily at edges), a handsome case overall, (Our #31046) $125.
10. BAM FRANCE, High Tech Lotus Viola Case, Tartan cover, 6.4 lbs, (Our #30704) CALL FOR PRICE
11. BAM FRANCE, Stylus Contour Viola Case, New, Stylus model with the new St. Germain appointments, 6.6 lbs, colour: Black, (Our #29780) CALL FOR PRICE
12. BAM FRANCE, Stylus Oblong Viola Case, New, fits up to 16-3/8" viola, 6.4 lbs, colour: Red, (Our #29783) $369.
13. BAM FRANCE, Classic Cello Case, New, this model is without wheels, 11.9 lbs, colour: Gray, (Our #29785) $709.
14. BAM FRANCE, Classic Cello Case, New, This model has wheels, 12.6 lbs, colour: Gray, (Our #29784) $746.
15. BAM FRANCE, High Tech 4.4 Cello Case, New, no wheels, 9.7 lbs, colour: Silver, (Our #29787) $1050.
16. BAM FRANCE, High Tech La Defense Slim Cello Case, 6.3 lbs., (Our #30705) CALL FOR PRICE
17. BAM FRANCE, NewTech Cello Case, New, fabulous case at a special price, without wheels, 11 lbs, colour: blue, (Our #29791) CALL FOR PRICE
18. BAM FRANCE, NewTech Cello Case, New, fabulous case at a special price, with wheels, 11.7 lbs, colour: terra cotta, (Our #29792) CALL FOR PRICE
19. BAM FRANCE, Shamrock High Tech Cello Case, New, with wheels, 8.59 lbs, olour: Blue, (Our #29786) $1049.
20. 17" Archtop, c.1940s, brown leather covered case with pebble texture, very good conition, Fits Gibson 17" L-7 or L-5, (Our #29879) CALL FOR PRICE
21. ACCORD, D-size "safari" colored fiberglass shell with red crushed velvet interior, used - but barely so (really looks new), the case mostly lived in someone's home, 6.6 pounds, removable internal pocket, no case straps, (Our #30630) CALL FOR PRICE
22. BAM FRANCE, Texas High Tech Guitar Case, New, Dreadnought size, lightweight, case bottom in aluminum finish and top is real leather, 6.5 lbs, color: looks like a brown and white cow (this is not a picture of the one in the shop - but it is similar), (Our #29765) CALL FOR PRICE