1. BAM FRANCE, High Tech Contour Violin Case, New, two bow holders, 3.5 lbs, color: Anise, (Our #29778) $578.
2. BAM FRANCE, High Tech Oblong Violin Case, New, smooth exterior without exterior pocket, 5.2 lbs, colour: Tweed, (Our #29775) $794.
3. BAM FRANCE, High Tech Paris Contour Violin Case, hightech shell, 1.6kg, two bow holders, strap for shoulder rest, two comfy shoulder straps, (Our #30693) $660.
4. BAM FRANCE, Hightech Contoured Violin Case, Tweed clour, 3.5 lbs, (Our #29919) $578.
5. BAM FRANCE, Lotus Violin Case, New, trim style, cloth cover with two pockets, four bow holders, 6.16 lbs colour: Bayadere, (Our #29776) $475.
6. BAM FRANCE, St. Germain Stylus Oblong Violin Case, New, Violin, stylish new version of this wonderful case, 6.8 lbs, color: gray & black, (Our #29769) $354.
7. BAM FRANCE, St. Germain Stylus Violin Case, oblong case with blue cover & stlish St. Germain trim, zipper closure with tab lock, 2 bow spinners, thickly padded backpack straps, 6.8 lbs, (Our #30156) $354.
8. BAM FRANCE, Trekking Violin Case, New, In the original BAM style, well padded for travelling, separate removeable bow tube, rain poncho, 7.9 lbs colour: blue, (Our #29779) $425.
9. BAM FRANCE, High Tech Lotus Viola Case, Tartan cover, 6.4 lbs, (Our #30704) $780.
10. BAM FRANCE, Stylus Contour Viola Case, New, Stylus model with the new St. Germain appointments, 6.6 lbs, colour: Black, (Our #29780) $318.
11. BAM FRANCE, Stylus Oblong Viola Case, New, fits up to 16-3/8" viola, 6.4 lbs, colour: Red, (Our #29783) $369.
12. BAM FRANCE, Classic Cello Case, New, this model is without wheels, 11.9 lbs, colour: Gray, (Our #29785) $709.
13. BAM FRANCE, Classic Cello Case, New, This model has wheels, 12.6 lbs, colour: Gray, (Our #29784) $746.
14. BAM FRANCE, High Tech 4.4 Cello Case, New, no wheels, 9.7 lbs, colour: Silver, (Our #29787) $1050.
15. BAM FRANCE, High Tech La Defense Slim Cello Case, 6.3 lbs., (Our #30705) $2463.
16. BAM FRANCE, NewTech Cello Case, New, fabulous case at a special price, without wheels, 11 lbs, colour: blue, (Our #29791) $1185.
17. BAM FRANCE, NewTech Cello Case, New, fabulous case at a special price, with wheels, 11.7 lbs, colour: terra cotta, (Our #29792) $1301.
18. BAM FRANCE, Shamrock High Tech Cello Case, New, with wheels, 8.59 lbs, olour: Blue, (Our #29786) $1049.
19. 17" Archtop, c.1940s, brown leather covered case with pebble texture, very good conition, Fits Gibson 17" L-7 or L-5, (Our #29879) $400.
20. Gibson Nick Lucas, c.1928, (Our #29874) $600.
21. ACCORD, D-size "safari" colored fiberglass shell with red crushed velvet interior, used - but barely so (really looks new), the case mostly lived in someone's home, 6.6 pounds, removable internal pocket, no case straps, (Our #30630) $1,000.
22. BAM FRANCE, Texas High Tech Guitar Case, New, Dreadnought size, lightweight, case bottom in aluminum finish and top is real leather, 6.5 lbs, color: looks like a brown and white cow (this is not a picture of the one in the shop - but it is similar), (Our #29765) $1275.
23. HOFFEE, New, natural dark grey carbon fiber color, green plush velvet interior, arched back and top, neck and head support, leather handle, (Our #29980) $1,000.