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Harry White,
5-String Banjos
1. DEERING, Vega Long Neck, 1998, 1 piece maple neck, bound ebony fingerboard, Grover Rotomatic tuners, 4 railroad tacks in the fingerboard (8, 10, 12, 13), 25 frets, 32" scale, maple rim with bracket band, Tubaphone tone ring with 32 holes, 11" rim, 24 brackets, double coordinator rods, Presto tailpiece with cover, original hard shell case, excellent condition, very similar to a 1960s Vega Pete Seeger long-neck, (Our #29945) $1,850.
2. DOBSON, Composite, 1890s, 10-5/8"rim from a Dobson banjo with Dobson's tone-ring, with later walnut left-handed 5-string neck with 26-1/4"scale, no fret markers, Grover friction pegs, excellent condition, new gigbag, (Our #26340) $500.
3. FAIRBANKS BY VEGA, Whyte Laydie No.2, 1914, 10-15/16" maple rim with Whyte Laydie tonering, 27"scale, ebony fingerboard with pearl dots with Xmas-tree engraving, ebonized headstock overlay with engraved gryphon inlay, 1-1/4"nut width, original but for new 5th pin & later geared 5th peg, frosted plastic head, 1st & 2nd frets & fret positions with wear, otherwise decent frets & plays very easily, overall in very good condition, newish hard case, (Our #30853) $3,500.
4. GOLD TONE, CC-100+, NEW, Like the popular CC-100 banjo with the upgrade of planet tuners, classic dark brown finish, 11" maple rim, rolled brass tone ring, 18 brackets, maple neck with 2-way adjustable truss rod and rosewood fingerboard, (no case), (Our #31082) GREAT PRICE!
5. GOLD TONE, CC-100R/P, NEW, 11" Cripple Creek 100 model upgraded with a resonator and planetary tuners, maple rim & neck with a rosewood fingerboard, 26-3/16" scale, rolled brass tone ring, 2-way adjustable truss rod, case not included (we have a selection of wonderful Gig Bags and Hardshell cases to select from), (Our #31634) $555.
6. GOLD TONE, CC-100R+, NEW, Just like the popular CC-100R resonator banjo with the upgrade of Master Pllanet tuners, 11" maple rim, rolled brass tone ring, 24 brackets, maple neck with 2-way adjustable truss rod and rosewood fingerboard,nice dark brown finish, and engraved arm-rest, vintage brown finish, Boulder gig bag included, (Our #30037) GREAT PRICE
7. GOLD TONE, CC-50, NEW, 11" maple rim and neck with vintage brown satin finish, rolled brass tone ring, rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, 18 brackets, guitar style tuners, 1-13/16", no gig bag included, (Our #31084) GREAT PRICE
8. GOLD TONE, CC-50RP, NEW, 11" maple rim & maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, 13" maple resonator, 2-way adjustable truss rod, Vintage brown stain, upgraded with Master Planet tuners, includes a lightweight gig bag, (Our #31633) $488.
9. GOLD TONE, CC-OT, NEW, Great beginner clawhammer banjo, open back, 1/2" maple rim with a rolled brass tone-ring, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, 1-3/16" bone nut, 26-3/16" scale, package includes a gig bag, banjo strap and instructional DVD by Bob Carlin, (Our #32058) IN STOCK
10. KEVIN ENOCH, Tradesman, NEW, A faithful interpretation of an 1890s American banjo, now a modern classic!, big ringing sound, 12" rim, 25-3/4" scale; beautifully finished comfortable Dobson-style walnut neck with frets and scoop, rounded heel, 5-Star Planet pegs, geared 5th, with sturdy gig bag; Fred says, "With this banjo, who needs anything else." wiith ogee-curve scoop and adjustable truss rod, (Our #31678) $1295
11. OME BANJOS, North Star Resonator, New, Bluegrass model with Vintage tone ring, 11" head, beautifully figured walnut rim & neck; aged brass hardware (zinc flange), rosewood peghead overlay, ebony fingerboard, varnish finish, Renaissance head, Sweetone tailpiece, wood armrest, Sosebee bridge, railroad tacks at 7th & 9th frets; Superior Black banjo case, (Our #31476) IN STOCK
12. OME BANJOS, Tupelo, NEW, a sweet and resonant sound, responds quickly to the touch, 12" maple rim with tortoise binding, wooden tone ring, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard with an elegant carved scoop and railroad tacks at the 5th string, 25-1/2" scale, 1-5/8"nut width, adjustable truss-rod with dowel through pot, all hardware with antiqued brass finish, wooden arm rest included, arch-top step-down hard case, (Our #31641) IN STOCK
13. S. S. STEWART, Special Thoroughbred, c.1898-, cherry neck with carved heel, ebony fingerboard with squares-on-point inlays, ebony peghead overlay with pearl and silver wire inlays, 10-3/4" nickel clad rim with 28 brackets, 27"scale; original tailpiece with celluloid flower, the rim has both the Special Thoroughbred celluloid plaque and a paper label, inlaid celluloid pegs with square heads, original embossed leather case (needs some restiching), straight neck, excellent condition, (Our #28809) $1,500.
14. THOMPSON & ODELL, Artist, c.1890s, open back, walnut neck with thin ebony fingerboard, 11" nickel-clad rim, 26-1/4"scale, Champion pegs, completely original but for new fiberskyn head, neck warped but plays fine with nylon strings, (Our #26475) $600.
15. VEGA, Pete Seeger, 1961, 10-15/16"Tubaphone rim with bracket band & 24 brackets, 2-piece maple neck with white-bound 25 fret ebony fingerboard, 32"scale; maple dowel stamped: 10169, Presto tailpiece, offset geared tuners, later geared 5th (original in case), excellent condition, original hard case., an early Pete Seeger (first produced by Vega in 1958), the rim still with bracket band & maple dowel, and signed by Pete Seeger in red marker (with his iconic banjo drawing) on both the head & on the inside rim, (Our #32037) $4,500.
16. VEGA, PS-5 Pete Seeger Long Neck, 1963, 2-piece maple neck with center strip, Grover Rotomatic tuners, bound ebony fingerboard with 5th string capo installed, 25 frets, 32" scale, 11" 6-ply maple rim, 24 brackets, 32 hole Tubaphone tonering, nice original hard case, excellent condition, (Our #29946) $3,250.
17. VEGA BY MARTIN, c.1973, 11"laminated rim with Little Wonder style tone ring, 27"scale, 2-piece dark-stained maple neck, maple resonator with 4-piece nickel-plated flange, geared tuners, geared 5th, a few scrapes & dings but overall excellent condition, original hard case, Made in Nazareth by the Martin Co., after acquiring the Vega Company (and likely many of their parts), (Our #31214) $850.
18. VEGA BY MARTIN, Pete Seeger Long Neck style, c.1971-72, 11" 7-ply maple rim with modified Tubaphone tonering, 24 brackets, 2-piece maple neck with center strip, Grover Rotomatic tuners, 25 frets, 32" scale, original hard case, in near mint condition, (Our #29944) $2,200.
19. WASHBURN BY LYON & HEALY, c.1895 & later, a beautiful Washburn 12" engraved German-silver rim (30 brackets and skin head), with a new 26" scale length cherry neck made by Leonard Coulson, the heel decorated with a relief-carved Coon cat, with an ebony fingerboard elaborately inlaid with engraved pearl fret markers and a true flowerpot headstock inlay, Planet pegs, geared 5th; the sound is melodic and a rich yet well punctuated for definition, the ebony heel also engraved L&H; with a new hard case, (Our #29513) $2,250.
Tenor, Plectrum & Other Banjos
20. BACON & DAY, No.2 Special 5-String/Plectrum, c.1928, 2-piece figured maple neck with carved heel, solid Silver-Bell tone-ring, peghead inlaid with "B&D/ Silver Bell, with fancy scrolling pearl designs, 11" head, 5 Waverly tuners (similar to Grover 2-line models) with thick peal buttons; original knee-mute, 5-string Oettinger tailpiece, resonator with figured maple veneers (some scars on the edges of the resonator), all hardware silver-plated: brackets, hoop, tuners, tone-ring, armrest, flange, etc.; completely original & in excellent condition, in its clean original hard case, (Our #31354) $2,950.
21. BACON & DAY, Silver Bell No.1, 1928, 19-fret tenor, 11"rim, 23"scale, resonator flange with ff-hole cut-outs, knee-mute, solid flat-head style tone-ring, stained birds-eye maple resonator with B&D plaque; 2-piece maple neck, Oettinger tailpiece, completely original, excellent condition, original brown hard case in only fair shape, (Our #30723) $1,900.
22. GIBSON, Mastertone Granada, 1929, 19-fret tenor, 40-hole archtop tone-ring, engraved & gold-plated hardware, two--piece flange, highly figured maple neck & resonator, hearts & flowers inlays, Grover two-band tuners with pearl buttons, original but for replating of armrest & tailpiece, and aftermarket tension-hoop with non-characteristic engraving (nicely done but not for a Granada), shows basic wear but very good plus condition overall, original bracket wrench, later hard case, (Our #30954) $7,500.
23. GOLD TONE, BUS Banjo-Uke, New, open back, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 13-1/2" scale, maple rim, 8" head, with a hardshell case, a fabulous banjo-uke at a really affordable price, (Our #28734) GREAT PRICE
24. VEGA, Imperial Electric Banjo-Guitar, 1926, 11-13/16" maple ply rim with Whyte Laydie tone-ring, 2-piece maple neck with 20 fret ebony fingerbaord, 25"scale, "GROVER PAT."off-set geared tuners; ebonized peghead overlay with applied nickel engraved VEGA star; individual resonator flanges with DeLuxe engraving, pie-section maple resonator, very original (one replaced hook and one replaced flange without engraving), excellent condition, worn original hard case, (Our #29832) $2,350.
Sold As-Is
25. AMERICAN, 1870s-80s, fretless, black painted maple shell; 12 bent brackets on round shoes w/square nuts, 10-3/4" rim, 25-1/2" scale, maple-green-maple marquetry inserts as fret markers to 12th fret on walnut neck, round heel with big cut-out, (Our #B8401) $550.
26. AMERICAN, Piccolo 5-String, c.1890 or earlier, unsigned; 6-1/2" spun rim; sort of early Fairbanks style oak neck with odd hourglass-shaped peghead; 10 brackets; screwed on fretless board of dark-brown bakelite or hard rubber; scale approx 16"; metal-clad rim is cracked, an interesting piccolo 5-string; needing restoration., (Our #28893) $400.